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Opium Team develops innovative financial products that use new technology to challenge the traditional financial sector. We are experienced traders, mathematicians and programmers ready to change the world.




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Variable rates vs Fixed rates


An interest rate swap is a contract in which one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another based on the specified principal amount.


You can hedge against or get the best of the interest rate fluctuations on the Compound market.



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Decentralized Derivatives


An open non-custodian trading platform for virtually all derivatives.


1. Trade any asset, derivative or index. Ideal for derivatives as it is built the same as traditional market instruments.

2. You don’t need to buy utility token, trade with tokens you like!

3. Off-chain matching and on-chain settlement. Thanks to Meta Transactions.



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Secure and easy communication with dApps


1. Simple user onboarding, high security, offline signatures.

2. Secure and easy communication with dApps. MetaSign allows dApps to act on behalf of their users in a secure and easy way. Any protocol, online or offline signatures, no central server.

3. Offline signatures allow a user to securely approve a transaction that is prepared and printed on the paper. Buy the piece of art by scanning a ticker on it. Confirm delivery, make voting, give tips, check in on the location, play poker - MetaSign connects blockchain and the real world.

4. Online transactions allow instant communication to the dApps: via popular protocols or direct and decentralized. It can be used to authorise logins, transactions, approvals and also communicating to dApps including on-chain wallets.

5. No gas fees, no account, one App for using dApps. Let dApp to do all the job or pay all gas fees. You only should authorise their actions by signatures.





The universal protocol to create, trade and settle virtually all derivatives in trust-less way.

Our derivatives built on Opium Protocol.


Opium protocol allows anyone to build custom exchange-traded products on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Once created, they can be traded freely via a network of relayers and will be priced according to supply and demand. Tokens that are specially designed for trading financial instruments and can be combined into portfolios and traded in combined orders in a native way.

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